Update Procedural Changes Due To Covid-19 Pandemic

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In an attempt to keep our employees and clients as safe as possible and to mitigate any risks of spreading of the Covid-19 virus, we are going to be implementing the following changes at our clinic.

First and foremost, only staff members of Hidden Spring Veterinary Clinic will be permitted to be inside the practice, and no public restroom use will be provided at this time.

Clients will be greeted at our covered porch by a staff member who will check your pet in, and take any medical history as needed in regards to your visit. Upon completion of check in, your pet will be taken into the practice and you will be free to wait in your vehicle (or return home in cases of lengthier surgical visits if desired). The staff member will also coordinate the preferred method of contact to advise you when your pet is ready to be picked up after the completion of the visit. All paperwork, payment and distribution of medications, food etc. will also be handled at our covered porch.

We have made these changes based on reviewing how other practices have modified their procedures and while it may seem inconvenient, we also want to do our part to help keep our employees and clients both safe and healthy, so we can continue to give your pets the quality care that they deserve. We thank you for your patience and understanding, and continuing to choose Hidden Spring Veterinary Clinic for your pet’s care.